"Cirone Swim Installation"

"Surprise Designer" Solveig Cirone displaying her collection at the Miami Swim Week Art of Fashion 2019.

We are honored to Present Solveig Cirone


“Beauty on the outside is easy to find.  Finding beauty on the inside and outside is one in a million.” ~ Solveig Cirone

Being of Norwegian Italian descent, at the age of 28, Solveig Cirone, moved to Beverly Hills, California as a model, actress, and brand ambassador. Upon discovering her violin D’ingres, Solveig starred in reality TV series; Sexy, Hot, and Single and created her first signature brand designs for the pret-a-porter LA Swim Week debut in 2015. Sovleig’s a’ la mode collection of swimsuits are made from Italian Lycras, delicate trims, whimsical wraps, and hip sportwear for a luxurious feel for pool side glamour and sex appeal. CIRONE SWIM is a look that will captivate the eye of any admirer with class, charm, and sophistication at coup de foudre. Inspired by Boticelli’s Birth of Venus and her Italian heritage, Solveig created an ethereal image of the Goddess Venus for her symbol with laurel wreaths embedded above her as a honored paragon of loveliness.


Creating pieces with pattern makers from Dream Manufactures out of California and now based out of Utah with Cirone Swim Quality Control and Pattern Design, Solveig, hand picks Italian Lycra’s from LA fashion district, herself, one on one, and adds her personal touches from laces, crystals, and hardware to please a Millennial generation buyer base. Designs are one of a kind couture pieces created by order guaranteed by professional codes and policy of conduct and laws under

Cirone Swim LLC.


Solveig has become an avantgarde in the world of swimsuit lingerie fashion. Embarking on her second year as a designer from working with delicate laces, champaign and blue gold lycras and wraps to this season using more bolder fabrics interweaving with a feminine and posh elegant look combing European sheers, wet lycra, and Swarovski that could be found on the beaches of el Midi South of France, cities like Milan and Valencia or Ibizia Spain. Solveig is bringing this titillating new look to Americas Beaches and resorts in Miami, Laguana, L.A., O.C., Vegas, Hamptons.

Millennials are gravitating towards CironeSwims futuristic, modern, feminine and posh look with a style and grace that only a beauty queen can create. Cirone Swim is the newest creator of swim lingerie line for the diva that will capture the eyes of admirers on and off the runway for 2016.